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Warrick Liquid Level Controls

Same mounting as Warrick Series 1 and 2 Controls
Board Level Liquid Level Controller
Plug-in Liquid Level Control with DPDT Relay
For Conductive Liquids, Plug-in design
For use for Hazardous Conductive Liquids or Dry Switchs
Used as Low Water CutOff for Boilers and Conductive Liquids
Plug-in Design used as Low Water Cutoff for Boiler and Conductive Liquids
3R, 3T, 3W and 3M Electrodes
Variety of Electrode Holders. 3C, 3E, 3F, 3G, 3K
Board Level Liquid Level Control for Differential or Point Level and Low Water Cutoff
For Waste Water, Sewerage and Water Applications
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